VW Harlequin type key conversion

VW Harlequin type key conversion

Looking to upgrade your key! You've come to the right place.


This conversion requires your spare key sending in to us*


This conversion ONLY works on factory keys with the middle LED, cars/vans registered up to 2009, you can see the key type in the pictures above. If you are in any doubt, please send us a picture of your key.


This conversion works with 3 button keys and with 2 button keys, but if you’re converting a 2 button key the boot/trunk button will be present, but will not function.

"What do we do" I hear you ask?

Well, its quite simple, we take out all the bits that make the key work, clean them up, pop in a new battery and replace them in a new key shell, in this case a Bentley type key, not exactly rocket science but if you are a bit nervous and don't know what you're doing it can be quite tricky, especially the immobiliser part, but we know all the tricks of the trade!


Alternatively, come and find us at a local show, save your self a fiver on the retail price, save yourself the postage cost to us, and save yourself some time!


Turn around is approx. 5 working days, we’ll keep you updated on progress and email you when its dispatched back, with a tracking number of course, your exiting key will not be returned. If you require a new key, watch our website for our cut and code service, coming soon.


*Always send your key insured and tracked, wrap it up nice and sound, send us your tracking details. Our postal address will be sent to you upon purchase.